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Proper Use and Care

0 1 Wash your cookware before use

All of our cookware is hand polished before leaving our factory. We recommend washing it with warm soapy water before your first use.

0 2 Season your cookware

Heat pan to medium-low heat. Spread 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil around the interior of the pan. Leave on heat for 2-3 minutes. Now you're ready to cook! Over the first few weeks of use, your HexClad Hybrid cookware will perform better as it re-seasons itself on its own from the fats in the food you are cooking.

0 3 Use the proper heat level

Our patented HexClad design allows heat to be distributed faster. For example, cooking on medium heat with HexClad will be similar to cooking on medium-high with other cookware brands. We recommend that our customers start cooking at lower temperatures and increase the temperature if need be.

0 4 Clean your cookware

Since our pans are hybrid pans and contain stainless steel, temporary staining can occur. Since our pans are metal utensil safe it allows you to use more abrasive sponges like steel wool. For tougher stains, allow your pans to soak in warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes followed by a scrub with a more abrasive sponge. Barkeeper’s friend works great too!

0 1 Washing & Drying

We highly recommend hand washing your knife with a gentle dish soap. Make sure your soap is free of bleach or citrus extracts, as they can cause your knife to rust. Rinse and towel dry immediately and meticulously, remove any lingering moisture from your blade. Although the wood used in our handles has been stabilized, like any wood it may shrink in arid climates or swell in humidity. The color may also change slightly over time; this is not a defect but rather a natural process caused by oils in the hand, light exposure, and oxidation.

0 2 Cutting Technique

Hexclad cutlery is designed for smooth slicing rather than harsh chopping. When using your knife, try to mimic a “handsaw motion” while slicing by pushing your knife forward and down, then pulling it back toward your body. Begin slowly, your skill and experience should determine your cutting speed. Always be aware of where your fingers are in relation to the blade. Please refrain from using Hexclad blades on tough materials such as frozen foods or bones, our blades are intended for precision slicing rather than crushing or chopping.

0 3 Cutting Surface

A quality cutting board can help maintain your blade’s sharp edge over time. We recommend medium-soft woods such as hinoki rather than harsh materials such as tile, synthetic, granite, marble, ceramic, or any kind of glass.

0 4 Storage

We recommend that you store your knife in a wooden block, in-drawer knife tray, sheath, or knife case. Avoid storing your knives unsheathed in a drawer.

0 5 Sharpening & Honing

In order to maximize and maintain the performance of your Hexclad blade, we suggest regular weekly honing with a ceramic or steel rod. This will extend the time between sharpening significantly, and keep your blade in good condition. Once it is time to sharpen your blade, use a traditional whetstone for a razor-sharp and precise edge, preferably a medium grit sharpening stone and a fine grit stone for finishing.

0 6 Using a Whetstone

Soak the whetstone in water for 5-10 minutes or until the air bubbles stop appearing, which indicates the stone has absorbed the optimal amount of water. While sharpening, continue to apply water to the stone. The combination of the water and the small particles released from the stone create an abrasive substance that sharpens the blade. Place the stone on a slip-resistant surface, such as a towel, and begin sharpening with the coarse grit of your stone. Move the blade away from then towards the body, in a back and forth motion, at an angle of 10 - 15 degrees across the stone. Use light pressure. Begin at the tip of the blade, pull the blade over the stone through the middle and down to the base of the blade. Turn the knife around and work on the other side of the blade. Repeat this process as many times as you feel is necessary. To finish, pull the blade at an angle (use the same angle throughout your sharpening) twice against the edge to remove the last burs. Rinse the whetstone and clean the grinding residue. Rinse the knives thoroughly in hot water and pat dry. Instructional videos for using a whetstone can be found online, and we encourage you to watch them to learn more.

0 1 Close the lid

All of our cookware is hand polished before leaving our factory. We recommend washing it with warm soapy water.

0 2 Press down in center to create vacuum seal

0 3 Push the button to seal

0 4 Adjust the date dial

By setting the date, you'll never forget when your food was stored.

0 1 Before First Use

Wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry completely. Then apply a small amount of food-grade mineral oil to the board and let sit for a few hours to absorb into the wood before using.

0 2 How to Clean

After each use, scrape food particles off your board or plate before washing both sides with hot, soapy water and a clean sponge. Pat dry immediately with a clean towel or paper towels and stand upright on your kitchen counter to dry completely. Do NOT put it in the dishwasher. Do NOT use bleach, which could stain wood and dry it out. Do NOT leave the board or plate soaking in water. Do NOT store in high-humidity environments, which may cause warping.

0 3 How to Sanitize and Remove Odors

For added sanitation or to remove odors, create a paste with a mixture of coarse salt and lemon juice and scrub the board or plate with it. Let the salt-lemon mixture dry on the board, and then scrape it off using a metal spatula. Rinse with hot water and dry immediately with a clean towel or paper towels. You can also spray with a 25% vinegar and 75% water solution. Allow it to dry completely by standing it upright on your kitchen counter or in a clean dish rack.

0 4 How to Maintain

Oil your boards and Bistecca plates periodically to keep them from drying out and cracking. Wash and completely dry your board or plate, apply a small amount of food-grade mineral oil to both sides, and spread it using a pastry brush or paper towel. Let the oil saturate the board completely by placing it on a rack or standing it upright in a well-ventilated area. Allow it to sit for a few hours so the oil absorbs into the wood. Store the clean, oiled board or plate in a cool, dry place once it is dry to the touch. Note: Do NOT wash with soap and water until all the oil penetrates into the wood.

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